Enigma Cannabis is a european focused
medical cannabis production company.

About Us

Enigma is a European focused medical cannabis and hemp company. We participate in all segments of the developing European market, from GAP production to GMP pharmaceutical formulations of cannabis-based therapeutics and medicines. Enigma aims to achieve this by merging of agricultural expertise and pharmaceutical superiority.

Enigma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICC International Cannabis Corp (CSE: WRLD). ICC International Cannabis, through its subsidiaries, has agreements in place for European-based pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale importation, and research and development, as well as licences to cultivate, produce, distribute, store and export cannabis, cannabis derivatives and industrial hemp in Colombia, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Portugal, South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Enigma controls one of the first hemp licences to be issued in Portugal, which permits the cultivation, processing and import/export of hemp-derived products. Enigma successfully harvested and extracted its first hemp crop in 2015, and has become a notable importer of proprietary hemp seeds. Furthermore, Enigma has been granted corporate operating codes that allow it to grow, harvest, process, package and distribute all agricultural products which includes hemp.

Enigma plans to release both branded and white-labelled CBD products in the first quarter of 2019. Enigma's product offering will include CBD-infused chocolate, CBD oils, as well as CBD-based topical creams.



Enigma Cannabis is the agricultural arm of the ENIGMA family. We focus on cultivating superior quality medical cannabis.


Bio Med

Enigma Biomed is the pharmaceutical arm of the ENIGMA family. We focus on formulating superior cannabis derivatives for the medical market. Our focus is on harnessing the therapeutic properties of natural Cannabinoids, and delivering these Cannabinoids in the most efficient and effective manor.



Enigma One are branded CBD products that include CBD-infused chocolate, CBD oils, as well as CBD-based topical creams.


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